Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trip to Rameswaram

Very recently, I made a trip to rameswaram. Here is my trip report.

My trip started on a saturday. I reached chennai from blr on saturday morning around 5 AM. Immediately had a bath and started our trip. The travellers were myself, my parents and my younger brother.

When we started, we headed towards Kumbakonam first so that we can visit some of the Navagraha temples around kumbakonam. We ended our trip with a visit to the Thirunallar temple near Karaikkal. We returned back to Kumbakonam that night for our night stay.

After visiting some other temples near kumbakonam, we started on sunday to rameswaram. We reached there around 8PM on sunday.

The next day which is monday, we had our bath in the sea and the 22 wells in the temple. After the bath, we had our darshan.

To come out of the temple after darshan, it took us 12 noon. Around 2 PM, we started back to chennai. By the time we reached chennai, it was around 1 AM on tuesday.

Thus my trip to rameswaram was over.

I reached blr on wednesday morning after a stay in chennai on tuesday.

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