Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tasks and Task Owners

Here's are the tasks and the task owners (and their contact details)

PARTICIPANTS DIRECTORY - Jaidev ( 9940017074)

BEACH PARTY - Mahendran (98415 55505)




TSHIRTS - Ram ( 99400 92399)

COMPETITIONS - Kartik Kannan (98400 40068)

FREEWARE CDs - Swaminathan (9900108598)

SPONSORSHIP - Vicky & Sharanya

MEDIA & PR - Veena Vinod

CONTENT - Kiruba

Each of the task owners will send constant updates on the progress in their respective areas.

Once this was done and many types of coffees were downed, we headed out to face the cameras. Dinesh started on this responsibility of doing a video promo for the event and recorded sound bytes of the participants on what and whys of PodWorks.

The meeting took place for about one and half hours and the most productive Podworks meeting ever.

Thanks to the MOM mail from Kiruba.

3rd Podworks Meeting : Minutes


The 3rd Organizers meet took place today at IIT CCD. For those from our team, who couldn't make it, here's the minutes.

The main focus of today's meeting was on the structure of the event. We were all clear on one point. That this is a workshop and we will make it more hands on rather than a talking heads event. But there were challenges. Not everyone will come with laptops, voice recorders and video cameras. How will we then conduct a hands on workshop if the tools aren't there.

There were a lot of ideas floating around. Infact, a bit too many. At one stage, all of were more confused than before we came to the meet. Finally, after a bit of brainstorming we finally nailed it. Day 1 will focus on Audio Podcasting. Day 2 will focus on Video Podcasting.

The First Floor seminar room will be exclusively used for workshop for folks who have the equipments. (Only those with equipments will be allowed for this hands on workshop).

The Ground Floor Auditorium will be for those who don't have the equipments. However, it will be a workshop model here as well where the workshop leader will explain things by doing. The audience will keenly watch what's happening and learn.

Once this was nailed, the focus shifted towards the many pending works that needed to be done. An easy way to get owners for the task was done using the napkins. All the key tasks were written down on napkins and folks picked up tasks that they were confident of doing. Someone came up with the idea of taking photographs of the napkin along with napkin task owners.

You can take a look at all these at Mahendran's photo stream.

Tasks and Task Owners in the next post.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


PodWorks, India's biggest podcasting event would be underway. It takes place at Chennai on June 9th & 10th. The event's website is now online.

Registration for the event is now open. As with all the events we have conducted, this one will surely be a sell out. So, play safe and register early.

PodWorks will attract the best minds in podcasting and new media. It will be a great opportunity to network, share and learn new ideas & techniques.

PodWorks will have a strong workshop tilt. Hence the name (Podcasting Workshop) . The event will continue to follow the successful unconference model, but presenters are encouraged to demonstrate and not just talk. More of show'n'tell and less of powerpoint.

It's going to be a good event. The two days of sessions will be live webcast and all the sessions will be recorded. Hey, this is a podcasting event, right?! It would be a good idea for you to sign up to the mailing list and subscribe to the blog feed. These are good ways to get updated on the event's progress.