Saturday, June 9, 2007

Takeaway from sessions

Well.. We have taken a discourse from the discussion and asking people what they want from the sessions.. here are some points gathered :)

1. Kiruba, as he has been telling all along wants to learn how to transfer data from the huge stack of mini dvd's that he has
2. How to rip the mini DVD's
3. Body language and voice modulations
4. Server side software
5. Controlling noise
6. do's and donts
7. How to do video conversions - a few techie topics
8. Different Podcasting platforms available
9. Thumb rules, if any for choosing content
10. Integrating iTunes with RSS feeds
11. What is the infrastructure that is needed
12. as always, Kiruba again threw up a googly. I had shared an article on where they have this option of uploading a video resume. He says that one of his friends uploaded a video, but sadly none of the guys that contacted him due to the quality of the video. So, the question at the baseline is "Is podcasting really a good thing to do? " Wow. This is going to be interesting if someone ever takes up this debate.. :)
13. Code of ethics for Bloggers and podcasters
14. Easiest way to shoot a video podcast

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