Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Different Collective

What do bachelors think about the other gender.

It is very subjective.
You have felt it is a myth and you say it is just bcos of that it happened
Why are people taking an excuse saying that the person is married.
What has changed after marriage.
Ans: A new lease after marriage. The leash tightens after marriage.
Does the guy lose more or the girls lose?
Keshav got his tummy after marriage. He has not lost weight.
Keshav: I have to answer many questions.
Srini: Preparing for marriage is like planning a corporate strategy.
There need to be compromises from both the sides.
Rajeshwari: After marriage, ladies also have some responsilities change Change in the responsiblities with respect to home, children and so on. If both of them comprimise, things are taken care.
Srini: We need to plan a lot like setting a house, plan your retirement life. Every one need to have a vision. My vision is my wife will have a electric car to roam around, a new house, and a new plasma tv. Both of us will spend seperately.
Yamini: After marriage, lots of things change.
Rajarajeshwari: We need to leave house, parents, be a domestic godess.
General: Guys lose security and girls gain security.

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