Friday, December 28, 2007

PROTO registrations are open

Good Morning ! Gear all you folks who are interested to see the greatest initiative on the startups ecosystem happening here at Chennai! TA Da … PROTO is open . This edition has many impressive points as never before. A World class Venue. An already tested and proven template on mentoring sessions with world class experts. The entire event is managed on the ground by a core team working hands on with a professional event manager who also happens to be a volunteer from TKF. Above all TKF (The knowledge foundation) aims to bring an out of the world experience to all participating companies as well as to VC’s and Investors.For those companies who are interested to be a part of the event you can know more on the official blog of PROTO here

What will you find here at PROTO 2008 ?


If you are a startup and that too a good one you might find a pile of cash.

If you are a VC then this is one heck of an event that you dont wanna miss. This is the SHEBANG of all such events that nurture startups to showcase their products and services on a common platform that is totally unbiased and powered by industry professionals with a just motive.

If you are a Techie then PROTO is a great place for technologist to find like minded people like little lily to forge partnerships on future ideas. We at TKF are just striving to create an ecosystem that is helpful for everyone here.

The main event is happening at Hotel Asiana (In hindi Asiana means dream home) which is on the IT super corridor and will be an exclusive 2 day premier event. All those who are interested please try to register early as there is a very impressive Early bird offer for the event. Like last time this offer is open for a very short period only so please try to take advantage of the offer. And another information for all you chennaiites is that this might be the last edition of PROTO that will be hosted in Chennai as after this edition we are planning to throw it open for other cities to host this event too. We aim to spread the spirit of PROTO across india where the wind takes it to and thus create a bigger community for mutual growth. All the participating companies will be hosted on stay and accomodation for the two days on Star City Service Apartments on the OMR so that they are at easy reach from the venue. All mentoring sessions and knowledge sharing sessions will be at the Asiana hotel on a

For your information PROTO is powered by The Knowledge Foundation , which is a not for profit society that creates similar platforms for focussed events and knowledge sharing. With PROTO Third Edition, the knowledge foundation has successfully completed 10 events in a span of 24 months.

PROTO 2008 registrations are open now . Pls catch the limited early bird offer now

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