Monday, March 26, 2012

SmashUp - A TiE & Special Startup Saturday Event at Hyderabad

SmashUP! - A TiE & Special Startup Saturday event
         Startup Mashup event by TiE Hyd Angels, IIIT-H, ITsAP & Startup Saturday
             April 7th. Venue:Taj Deccan  

A startups' mashup event, bringing together early stage startups, successful entrepreneurs, business/product leaders, incubation centers, angel investors and VCs together onto a common platform with the shared objective to spot, nurture and grow early stage startups. IN three parts:
Power breakfast: A chance to connect and interact with leading entrepreneurs, investors & successful CEOs at a power breakfast
Bootcamp: Startup-101 pedagogy- insights & experiences from accomplished entrepreneurs, investors and mentors from the startup eco-system. 
Pitch for Funding/Acceleration (incubation): A formal pitch to an acceleration+incubation program for tech startups (IIIT-H's HydCubator) and to angel investors (Hyderabad Angel Network).

Be there to meet the VCs and Angel Investors- Satheesh Andhra (DFJ), Ananth Rao (Focus Ventures), Ranjith Menon (IDG Ventures), Raghu Bata (Ojas), Utkarsh Palnitkar (Centrum Capital), Karthik S.(Song Advisors), Deepanwita Chattopadhyay (ICICI Knowledge Park). Academic incubation centers- Dr. Krishna Tanuku (ISB) & Dr. Vasudeva Varma (IIIT-H). 

Featured entrepreneurs- Satish Madira, Founder & earlier founded Yasu (acquired by SAP) , Bhat Dittakavi, Founder VedicSoft


8am- Power breakfast: 10 select entrepreneurs get a chance to  pitch to and discuss with VCs, angel investors and successful entrepreneurs. Seeking feedback, advise and continued engagement. (A paid event).

Seminar registration: 9:00 am. 
  • 9:30 Tea & Networking
  • 9:45 Opening 
    • Welcome by Brig. Harikumar, ED, ITsAP  & TiE- President-Elect, Murali Bukkapatnam
    • Context setting by Ramesh L.
  • 9:55 Plenary panel: Making Startups Successful
    • BVR Mohan Reddy and Dasaradha Gude - Two very successful entrepreneural industry leaders- sharing their journey in their founding years
    • Discussion led by: Satheesh Andra (DFJ)
  • 10:50 Distilling 'winning Ideas'- right at the start. Angels/VC Panel
    • Angel investors discussing how ideas can be refined upfront to get a winning idea & startup
    • First prototype- Refining the idea, positioning and competitive advantage. How?
    • Ranjith Menon (IDG Ventures), Raghu Bata (Ojas), Utkarsh (Centrum), Karthik (Song)
    • Moderated by: Ananth Rao (Focus Ventures) 
  • 11:45 Early stage startups- is our support system mature? 
    • Is it easy to "start"? Challenges an impediments? Lack of calibrated successes and paths?
    • Why Angels are risk averse? Who no non-academic accelerator programs?
    • Dr.Vasudeva Varma- IIIT-H, Dr.Aruna- ISB, Deepanwita Chattopadhyay,CE, ICICI Knowledge Park;
    • Moderated by: Mamtha Banerjee , Founder, InvestmentYogi
  • 12:45 Prototype to that first customer- GTM, positioning, prospecting, avenues to connect. Success stories, from successful recent startups
    • That first customer- positioning, GTM and winning over. Bhat Dittakavi, Founder, Vedicsoft
    • Winning the investor- Startup messages that resonate. Satish Madira, Founder Yasu (acquired by SAP), & now Founder 

1:30 LUNCH

2:15 Startup Pitches 
Startup pitches. 6 minutes each. 15? (very early stage. Looking for angel funding. Must have atleast one customer). Two sets- one for HydCubator program. One to Hyderabad Angels.
  • 2:15 Startups seeking Angel Investment
    • Pitches from more advanced early stage startups (Atleast one customer) pitch to Hyd angels and VCs for funding. Or to be considered by more mature incubation centers 
  • 3:30 Tea
  • 3:45 Very early stage startups (pitch for HydCubator accelerator; with support from Hyd Angels)
Pitches from very early stage (just prototypes and biz plan) startups pitching to IIIT's HydCubator (2 month partially funded accelerator program to end with consideration by Hyd Angels)
5:30 Networking over tea


First things first. Register for the pitches. Two opportunities:
Very Early stage (with just a basic prototype): If you are a very early stage startup, pitch for the acceleration program at IIIT-H – HydCubator. A program offered by IIIT-H for tech entrepreneurs, with support from TiE Hyderabad Angels & ITsAP Product Forum. A two month residential acceleration program, where the startup team will be based at IIIT-H's incubation center (CIE). Will be provided advisory and guidance on the product, the biz opportunity, tech architecture, market opportunity validation et al, with easy access to other startups and entrepreneurs in the center. Experts/Entrepreneurs/investors will be invited every week to interact with and guide the startup. The refined pitch wand prototype will be presented to the angel investors (from HydAngels) at the end of the two months.
Early Stage (some biz traction): Startups with a solution built and some market/revenue/customer traction can pitch for angel funding.

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