Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update on Nominations to ITsAP Startups/Products Showcase & Awards

Hi all,

Last date for nominations to the ITsAP Startups/Products Showcase & Awards event is the May 15, 2012. Nominate your startup today-  

Pls nominate today. Now. We will benefit collectively by demonstrating the scale of startup traction in Hyderabad. If the TiE/StartupSaturday's SmashUP event on April 7th was a hit, the June AdvantageAP event will be much bigger. With nearly 15 times the number of attendees!  3000 attendees expected. Hundreds of industry leaders, Abt 50 VCs/investors/angels/mentors, 10 CEO/CIO, 250 companies at the Expo with over 100 startups, spread over two days. Lot of buzz, media an investor attention. This year the event is bigger with a planned CEO conclave as well. 

And is all around startups: As startups is a major focus for the event, there is a very strong startup focus. The panel discussions and talks are mostly around startups and SME businesses. Only two tracks, and one of the two is startup showcase presentations to VCs/Angels/Product Industry leaders. Plan is to get at least 50 investors to the event and the showcase. We expect over 3000 visitors to showcase- including many local and national leaders form the industry including 20-30 major company CEO/CIOs. Government is also looking at ways to further encourage startups in the city and state- so more visibility likely. A software startups/products directory is being compiled and will be released at the event (about 5000 copies to be circulated).

So all startups must be there! Both to directly benefit from the visibility and access to investors and markets. And equally important, also demonstrate the scale and intensity of startup traction and activity in the state. This year we must ensure at least 200 startups at the event (in the expo). 600-800 startups in the Directory. And at least 10 major startup announcements at the event (either market wins or funding commitments). 
Further, good incentives as well: All startups nominating their startup for the award will get stalls for free. (The 40 award finalists will get for free. And the other nominees will get 50% discount). 

To start it all.. You must nominate your startup!! :-) 

Hyderabad, the most happening place for early stage startups!!!

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