Monday, February 11, 2013

TiE SmashUP, along with ThinkNext- Feb 17. Hotel Avasa

FYI.. pls do check out. Good program for early stage start-ups (and soon to be start-ups). Including pitches for acceleration/incubation, 1;1 mentoring and networking with angels/VCs.

Advance invite
TiE SmashUP- in association with Microsoft ThinkNext
Feb 17 2013, Hotel Avasa. 8am

TiE brings the next edition of the Startuips mashup event in association with MIcrosft ThinkNext. Continuing the conference series for early stage start-ups, bringing in investors, angels, VCs, mentors and inspirational successful entrepreneurs in front of early stage start-ups. With a bit of success stories and experiences shared from inspirational entrepreneurs, getting investors, incubators and VCs giving insights on different aspects of startups’ early stage journey, and enabling tangible 1:1 mentoring sessions with registered start-ups and more. The last event had over 100 startups, 40 1:1 mentoring sessions, and 20 pitches for funding.

This edition will also be in a very startup-friendly, interactive format enabling extensive networking, peer-group relationship building and receive actual advisory from the eco-system. Will have
Power-breakfast networking event with limited seats to interact with industry leaders, angel investors, VCs, incubators and successful entrepreneurs (TiE charter members), with a chance to share your product/biz and seek feedback and possible follow-on 1;1 meetings
Startup Bootcamp  learn the art and science of running a startup from the experts and investors. Ranging from the art of pitching, to sources of seed funding to evolving early stage go-to-market and more.
Private mentoring  1:1 mentoring sessions with investors and mentors from a large pool of investors, incubators and entrepreneurs. Limited slots.

Bootcamp, Key themes
Startup Success- Keynote address-ShripatiAcharya  AngelPrime (earlier, Co-Founder & CTO of SnapFish)
Sharing entrepreneurial journey, sharing experiences, insights and learning’s
Startup Bootstrapping- a panel discussing different avenues for boot-strapping a start-up
Incubators, MS Accelerator and entrepreneurs discussing different avenues for boot-strapping/seed-funding and the challenges involved.
Prof Vasudeva Varma (IIT-H Incubator), Vidhya S (India Angel Network), Tentative- Hari Nair (Founder, HolidayIQ).Discussion led by Mohsin Khan, Uthista (Incubator).

Startup Marketing- go to market basics for early stage startups
experts from business and product industry in a tete-a-tete with successful start-ups on marketing basics for early-stage start-ups. From establishing the positioning, evolving teh GTM, and execution approaches.
Sharlin Thayil (Airtel), Rahul Chowdhury (CEO-Denuosource & Hyderabad angels’ investor), TBD  Angel/VCs, Discussion led by Mukund Mohan.
Startup Pitches- learn the art of pitching, for funding, for business and for hiring
In the ThinkNext format of critiquing live startup pitches. Selected start-ups will pitch for incubation at TiE Incubator. And the same will be critiqued by an expert panel. A learning by example.
 Startup College- collective learning from a group of early stage startups
In a peer-group discussion setting, early stage start-ups share their experiences. To enable a collective learning. Discussion moderated by Ramesh Loganathan

Featured speakers
Mukund Mohan, serial entrepreneur and presently CEO of Microsoft Accelerator; Vasudeva Varma, CEO of IIIT-H Foundation (incubator); well known angels from India Angels & Hyderabad angels;

If you are an early stage startup, that is self fundind or incubated, you must be at the TiE SmashUP.
Apply now.
                Power Breakfast – 25 slots
                Mentoring: 40 slots (first preference for power breakfast participants)
                Pitches: 15 slots (preference for power breakfast participants)
                Bootcamp: Open numbers

Click here for registration (MeraEvents.. we will have registration for power-breakfast at 1750, pitches- 750 (but shd have a pitch submission form), and bootcamp- 750. (

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