Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sprint backlog

A sprint backlog is a subset of the program backlog. Sprint backlog provides a clear focus for the agile team on what they would complete within a specific duration. In certain agile frameworks, sprint backlog is also called as iteration backlog. The agile team owns the sprint backlog. The agile team determines whether new items can be added or existing items can be removed from the sprint backlog.

The sprint backlog is contains the following:

  • The user stories that the team commits.
  • Defects from the previous sprints that were not completed.
  • Research that the team needs to perform. 
  • Stories that were not completed in the previous sprints.


When a story is added to the sprint backlog, it should meet the following conditions:
  1. The story has been discussed with the team.
  2. The team understands the story and the acceptance criteria.
  3. The team provides a story sizing.
  4. There are no dependencies for the team to pickup the story and complete it.
A sprint backlog contains user stories that can be completed within the specific sprint duration. When a new sprint starts, a new sprint backlog is created.

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